Chloé Paraty

Chloe Paraty
Chloé is founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian-born Parisian with a dark beauty and a bohemian spirit. Chloé - a name she chose for its warm, feminine appeal - is perfect with new mood in Paris: youthful, modern in design and slightly audacious in spirit.

Chloe Paraty
More then 50 years after Gaby Aghion imagined it, Chloé's vision of romantic, ultra feminine fashion lives on.

Chloe Paraty
Chloé woman is feminine, sexy, sensual, spontaneous, well travelled, intelligent, aware, edgy, luxurious.
She: "Knows what she wants and how she will show it off", "Follows fashion but is not driven by trends".

Chloe Paraty
Paraty is an iconic Chloé line that has become an institution. Bag was launched in 2008.
Paraty is an elegant, sophisticated but destructed bag that give a 'casual chic' attitude.
This bag has a vintage spirit with a strong personality, identifiable thanks to its characteristic rope signature.

Chloe Paraty
The Paraty is a casual city chic style that slips effortlessly into most wardrobes.With its triangular form is also among the most easily recognisable handbags. Not only it is easy to match; it's practical and easy to carry too: its angular shape is deceptive, as it's actually made from a soft and slouchy leather that makes it a lightweight bag that can be worn as part of daytime or evening attire with equally smart results.

Chloe Paraty

Small: H 20cm, W 28cm, D 11cm
Medium: H 25cm, W 39cm, D 18cm
Large: H 39cm, W 50cm, D 20cm

Chloe Paraty
Points for Chloé handbags:
-as with all accessories, the concept is for the bag "soften" with wear - few styles will retain their original shape.
-the bags should look "used and worn in" to give a "vintage look" to the bag.
-hardware on the bags should become "scuffed" with wear - this deliberate and should pointed out to the client prior to point of sale.
-the concept is luxurious style with detailed trims. The bag should be "worn in" to give the look of a vintage without it being a vintage bag.

Chloe Paraty

Chloe Paraty
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