Chloé Sally

Chloe Sally

Sally first introduced at 2009 spring/summer fashion show.
Sally is an ultra feminine, sophisticated and chic line, balanced by strong details: large raw edges, guilloche metallic lock, grained leather.

Chloe Sally

Chloe bag always comes from a long research on:
  • leather
  • metalic pieces
  • unexpected details

Chloe Sally

Chloe bag is never simple and basic. There are always hidden details and complex constraction.
Chloe Sally

  • two metallic chains attached to the bag with two metallic spheves
  • two flaps, providing two functional compartments
  • leather handle on the chains for a comfortable usage
  • bottom of the bag: large Chloe leather patch fixed with a studs
  • a delicate closure in a brass with a meticulous “guilloche” wirk.

Chloe Sally

Sally leather:
A luxurious full grain calfskin traditionally used for men’s leather goods. It is high quality leather from a french tannery. The masculine aspect, contrasts with feminine features of the bag. This special treatment gives a sensual and soft touch to the leather. With time and due to friction on the oil finishing the leather will tend to have a polished and sheeny aspect. This leather has been slightly grained for a better homoneity.
Note the grain contrast between the second flap and the rest of the bag.

Chloe Sally

Chloe Sally is made in Italy.

Chloe Sally

28,5 * 20 * 13,5 with chain
22,5 * 14 * 8,5 with chain
26,5 * 13 *5 no chain
17,5 * 12 * 8 with chain

Chloe Sally



  1. good pics; DD

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  2. It's a great bag I think :) Lovely!

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  3. Hey Irina, you've chosen really good pictures in your post and I'm so much liking it. These handbags are so great. I wish I could have all of them. I don't know why I've this feeling that I can't control myself with not going out for shopping. I've a lot of handbags in my closet, but I'm still feeling like i should get this one too. If you too like online shopping you can check the link below I'm attaching.


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