Céline Tie tote

Céline Tie

The Céline Tie tote is a new addition to the Céline family. It is replacing Céline Phantom, which gets discontinued from Spring 2014. The Céline Tie tote is an updated and refined version of the Celine Phantom bag, which I am sure will be missed.

Céline Tie

The Céline Tie tote was first introduced for the Winter 2013 collection but got its front row place during the Spring (resort) 2014 collection.

Céline Tie

The Céline Tie tote takes its name from the “knots” or “ties” at the base of the handles.

Céline Tie

The Céline Tie tote has a mini pouch, an internal zipped pocket and two slip pockets. The bag features a flap front which can be hidden inside or shown on the exterior.

Céline price guide you can find here.

Céline Tie

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