Dior Fusion Sneakers

Dior Fusion Sneakers

Dior was the first band to introduce couture sneakers. 2013 has been a total obsession about Nike and New Balance and it was just a matter of time for sneakers to be part of the couture fashion show.

Dior sneakers marks the allure of a woman who is simultaneously elegant and modern, a citizen who makes the city her own in a bold and active manner. These shoes are as futuristics as they are couture.

This embroidered sneaker represents the perfect fusion between the exceptional craftsmanship of Dior and the urban world of Raf Simons. Monsieur Dior's beloved flowers are hand-embroidered on this modern and comfortable model. Made by hand, the five different slip ons testify to the meticulous and complex work undertaken by the craftspeople in the Dior embroidery ateliers.

Dior Fusion Sneakers

The Dior Fusion sneakers combine Raf Simons' colorist genius with the exceptional craftsmanship of the ateliers. Light, delicate and sporty, they have all that free, liberated spirit of the Dior woman.

Retail price for the Dior Fusion Sneakers (August 2014):
UK: £740
EU: €790
US: $1100 US Dollars

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