Kenzo sweatshirts

RELEASE DATE: Autumn/Winter 2012 
Creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (Opening Ceremony founders) were researching through the label's archives when they found a small running tiger motif inside waistbands and jackets, which they then embroidered on an autumn/winter 2012 knitted jumpers - although this wasn't the piece that would set fashion hearts racing. After the runway show has finished Leon decided to make more casual version for himself. 

"I told Kenzo, 'I'm going to make a tiger sweatshirt for myself,'" Leon recalls. "They were like, 'What kind of fabric?' I said, 'Er… sweatshirt material,' and they said, 'We don't do sweatshirts.'"

Luckily for the brand's adoring fans, the correct fabric was found and the item became a bestseller.
"The knitted and embroidered jumper that we created was quite expensive and we didn't sell that many. But then there was a waiting list in store for the sweater as it got shot for the ad campaign. So when the sweatshirt came in, it just blew up. We just couldn't keep it in stores.

The Kenzo sweatshirts are brand's best selling category and the fastest-selling too. There are numbers of waiting lists for the new prints and colours each season.
Bloggers and fashion insiders from all over the world got caught very quickly for comfortable and affordable Kenzo sweatshirts. The most popular prints are tiger, evil eye, monster etc. 

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  1. Anonymous2/11/2015

    Fabulous post! I have one in grey with just Kenzo letters on it and it's just an awesome piece.


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