Givenchy Shark Lock boots

WHO: Ricardo Tisci

THE STORY: The Givenchy Shark Lock boots have turned fashion world up side down. 

It is a statement piece of shoe art which requests certain self confidence and an attitude. You can easily become a magnet for the street style photographers if you add this art piece into your wardrobe. 

The Givenchy Shark Lock boots are featuring a signature shark twist lock-fastening which is wrapped around the top of the boot or the show. It is a signature key for the entire range. You can find different models from the knee high boots to ankle boots and sandals. But every single shoe from the Shark Lock collection features signature edgy spirit combined with the contemporary design. 



Italian 35-41

PRICE (February 2014):

The Givenchy Shark Lock knee boots £1450

The Givenchy Shark Lock wedge ankle boots £915

The Givenchy Shark Lock cutout ankle boots £895

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like these boots. Keep in touch


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