Hermès Twilly

THE STORY: Hermès introduced the silk scarves in the late 1930′s, and has produced hundreds of different design and colour combinations dice then.

The Hermès Twilly is a long and narrow piece of silk, it can be used as a head accessory or tied around your neck as a necklace or around your wrist as a bracelet. But the most popular way to wear the Twilly is to wrap it around the handles of the Hermès Birkin or Kelly.  

Wrapping the Twilly around the handles of your bag can completely change the look of the bag and it is a perfect accessory when you want to make a statement. The Hermès Twilly also protects the bag handles from dirt and grease and prevents the leather to get worn out.

THE NAME: The Hermès Twilly takes its name from “Twill” and refers to the weaving technique which produces a strong and beautifully draping fabric.

Every season Hermès introduces new colours and patterns for the Twilly collection. You can find the most unexpected and wildest colours on the scarfs. For a more subtle and understated look you can pick a toning Twilly or if you want to make a statement choose one of the bright Twillies that will contrast with your bag.

There are few different ways to use the Twilly on your bag, you can wrap it around the handles which will give a really neat appearance to the look. But also you can tie the Twilly loosely around one of the handles and let it float down the side of the bag which will give your bag a more casual and holiday look.


The Hermès Twilly: 84cm x 5cm


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  2. the twilly is so gorgeous i love it!



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