Chanel Girl bag

Name: Chanel Girl bag

Designer: Karl Lagerfeld 

Release dateSpring/Summer 2015

  • long strap
  • soft shape
  • Karl Lagerfeld took his inspiration from the emblematic jacket 
  • iconic elements of the jacket are represented: tweed, buttons and braided trim
Story: After the hugely successfull Chanel Boy bag, Kark Lagerfeld creates new Chanel Girl bag which is inspired by the iconic Chanel tweed jacket. The bag features slouchy silhouette with a long strap and spacious interior. The Chanel Girl bag is not pretending to be a next it-bag but it is comfortable and spacious style for ladies who are running around the city from dusk till down. 

Chanel Girl bag small - W 11.6" x H 13.8" x D 1.4"
Chanel Girl bag - W 14.6" x H 16.1" x D 2.4"

Price (March 2015):
Chanel Girl bag starts from $4400 and depending on the material and the size

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